Your customers are not all the same! Provide them with personalized recommendations of your products, services or e.g. articles. Send them personalized offers or show them what they could be interested in next. Improve your sales by up to 35% with personalized offers. Automatically and easily.

Automated Form Scraping

Incomaker can automatically scrape data from user forms. We collect them, save them, analyze them, and react to them. A user didn't finish a form? Why not remind them? No programming skills needed to implement!

Dynamic Banners

Use affiliate marketing to reach new customers put banners on friendly websites or just use them on your own website to address your customers with special deals. Personalize, offer the right product, air ticket, or even sports bets for the particular person. Put the banner whenever you need it and measure how it performs.

Landing Pages

If you attract customers with an ad, don't miss them immediately. A good landing page is something that could decide whether the customer makes a purchase or leaves. Create beautiful personalized landing pages easily and grow your sales.

Website Automation

Let Incomaker react to anything visitors to your website do. Didn't they finish a purchase? Remind them with an email! Are they interested in a particular product? Send them a coupon? ...add them to the right segment. Adjust the price for them (up or down). Use the same techniques Amazon and other big brands use. Easily.